Youths between 15-17 years old are welcomed to apply for our Green Team and Bike Attendant!
All other volunteer opportunities for this festival are for 18+

    Returning volunteer ?

    Welcome Back. We Missed You. As a Returning Volunteer, we ask that you complete the following information and, upon submission, it will be sent to the Area Leader for processing.

    While we will try our best to slot you into a team of your choice, please note that spots on any given team are not guaranteed and you may be added where needed. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Positions in certain areas are very limited.

    Personal info

    Age group:

    Emergency Contact

    Although volunteers can only sign up for one area, let us know your top 3 areas of interest. *

    * Minimum number of shifts is usually 3.

    Please list any experience pertaining to area(s) selected*

    Please list any previous volunteer experience*

    *Are you able to stand/walk for long periods of time?
    *Are you able to lift 20-30 lbs?
    *Do you have the Smart Serve certification?

    List any special requirements or medical conditions

    *Please indicate all of your availability

    If your application is accepted, your Area Leader will contact you with your schedule.
    In order for your application to be processed, and added to an area, you are required to commit to volunteering for a minimum of 3 shifts.

    Wednesday, August 23rd
    Thursday, August 24th
    Friday, August 25th
    Saturday August 26th
    Sunday August 27th
    *T-Shirt size :

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    I hereby agree to accept a volunteer position as a volunteer for Nostalgia Music Festival 2023. I agree to comply with all policies, code of conduct, rules and regulations which are established by Nostalgia Music Festival, and I understand that failure to do so may result in my immediate termination as a volunteer.

    I acknowledge that my services are provided solely on a volunteer basis, without pay or obligated compensation of any kind, and without any liability of any nature on behalf of Nostalgia Music Festival. All services I perform during my volunteer tenure are undertaken at my own risk. I hereby release any causes of action related to my volunteer services, including but not limited to accidents or injuries.