The Zep Show


The Zep Show is a visual and audio spectacle that time travels you back to the age when Rock was born. The Zep Show is dedicated to thrilling audiences in Theatres and Festival stages across North America. These four – full time, professional musicians have devoted their lives to preforming live rock and the affinity they share with each other and the music they love, is as apparent as it is authentic. Masterful musicianship, spot-on vocals and striking visuals make The Zep Show an extremely convincing and authentic rendition of Led Zeppelin from the late ’60’s into the early ’70’s.

“It’s not at all an easy task to re-create the incredible energy, genre-breaking sound and stage presence that sky rocketed Led Zeppelin to stardom in the late ’60’s. My band mates and I have a very deep connection with this music and at every show, we pay homage with soaring vocals and heavy, intricate rock riffs ”, shares singer Al Langlade. “it’s a unique synergy, the combination of this group of musicians performing these songs that make it such a convincing tribute”. With Lead Vocals by Al Langlade, Paul Maddigan on Drums, Daz Atkinson on Guitar, and Micheal Swec on Bass and Keyboards, it really wouldn’t sound or feel the same with anybody else playing these roles.