The Van Halen Invasion


The Van Halen Invasion is a truly innovative tribute show. Van Halen tribute bands typically cover either the early years with David Lee Roth or the later years with Sammy Hagar. The Van Halen Invasion skillfully reproduces the sound, the look, and the excitement of a live Van Halen show featuring two lead singers portraying Diamond Dave and The Red Rocker respectively. By encompassing both eras, you will truly experience ‘’The Best of Both Worlds”.

The Van Halen Invasion show is unmatched. No other Van Halen tribute band brings the entire package together like this; two dynamic frontmen portraying the rival lead singers while backed by a rock solid band delivering all the greatest hits.

With the loss of Edward Van Halen fans will never have a chance to see America’s greatest rock band live again. But fans can relive the fun and excitement with this great tribute show.