Message in a Bottle


Message In A Bottle, formed as a hobby band in 2011 by three self confessed Police geeks; MIAB has since become a must see for any Police fan. The lineup is: Dave La Fame (bass & vox) who sounds so much like Sting, close your eyes & you’re challenged to hear the difference. Precisely replicating the drum sounds & feel is Troy Feener from Classic Albums Live. Rounding out the trio & filling all the holes in between with the jazzy, ghost-in-the-machine textures creative subtleties is guitar aficionado Dave Kirby.

MIAB have been pleasantly surprised to discover how many others still have such affection for the rock-reggae sounds that dominated radio airwaves in the early 80s to make The Police one of music’s all time best selling artists. This has allowed the group to travel & play throughout Canada & the USA. Plus memorable performances in Bermuda & The Bahamas.